Air Liquide Japan (ALJ) has recently announced that it has installed the first PYREJECT technology in Japan for Topy Industries, as part of efforts to improve safety and efficiency of the electric furnace for the steelmaker.

Topy Industries, one of the leading Japanese electric arc furnace (EAF) steelmakers, has reportedly decided to adopt Air Liquide Japan’s PYREJET technology in its Toyohashi Factory in Aichi.

PYREJET is a patented technology of Air Liquide, featuring an innovative multi-functionality and with a growing reputation worldwide. The technology integrates in just one tool, the functions of super-sonic oxygen injection lancing, oxy-combustion burner, carbon injector and post-combustor.

Following an in-depth evaluation, the Gas Journal notes, Topy Industries selected PYREJET technology as it is likely to deliver the most advanced benefits to the company’s manufacturing operations.

By introducing the system, up to 7% of efficiency improvement has been achieved – allowing for savings in energy bills and CO2 emission reductions.