Air Products’ joint venture in India, INOX Air Products Ltd, has recently signed two new contracts with leading Indian photovoltaic (PV) manufacturers for the company’s SunSource™ Solutions gases and materials.

The new contract supply will help supply the burgeoning Indian PV market, which is growing with the government’s strong support.

INOX Air Products has signed a long-term gas supply contract to provide bulk and specialty gases to HHV Solar Technologies Pvt. Ltd (HHV Solar) at its new thin-film PV fab in Bangalore. The contract calls for the supply of hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen and argon, as well as specialty gases, including silane, methane and dopant mixtures.

In addition, INOX Air Products will provide the total gas management at HHV Solar’s research, development and demonstration fab.

INOX Air Products will also supply Jupiter Solar Power Ltd, a subsidiary of Jupiter International, with specialty gases, including nitrogen, oxygen, silane and ammonia, for its new PV facility at Baddi in Himachal Pradesh, India.

Jupiter Solar Power Ltd is setting up PV solar cell manufacturing facilities in Himachal Pradesh and West Bengal at an aggregate investment of Rs 1,500 crore ($300m).

“India is an emerging PV market with strong support from the government. We are honoured to be selected as the supplier for these two PV projects in India. Our expertise in thin-film PV applications and complete set of SunSource PV offerings can help our customers continuously drive down their cost-per-watt through enhanced plant efficiency,” explained Corning Painter, Air Products’ Vice President and General Manager, Global Electronics Division.

“We are in a better position to support the fast-growing solar energy market with these two contract wins.”

Rapidly emerging
India, thanks to its embracing of new technologies and strong demand for renewable energy, is rapidly emerging as an important PV market.

In addition, many regions of the country experience significant sun irradiation, or prolonged exposure to strong levels of sunlight, which can help cheaply power remote areas that are without access to the power grid.

Last year alone, Air Products won more than 20 new contracts in Asia serving both the crystalline and thin-film PV markets, and has since signed gas supply contracts with leading PV manufacturers including Best Solar and CHINT Solar in China, Green Energy Technology in Taiwan, and Gadir Solar in Spain.

Air Products’ SunSource Solutions offers a portfolio of gases, chemicals, equipment, on-site services and project management that will help provide a faster ramp-up and ability to reach grid parity sooner for manufacturing operations.