Inox India Ltd was established in 1992, in technical collaboration with Nippon Sanso Corporation, Japan, to manufacture standard cryogenic products. Experts from Nippon Sanso worked very closely with Inox India to set up cryogenic tank manufacturing. Nippon Sanso therefore provided the backbone of engineering and quality systems for Inox India to grow.

According to the company's director and CEO, Parag Kulkarni, Inox's quality policy is to meet customer expectations of high quality products in the stipulated time frame, and to their complete satisfaction. This policy has fueled its progress in the field of cryogenics.

Today, Inox India Limited has gone far beyond its simple profile of a product manufacturer to emerge as a leader in the total cryogenic system solutions provider market across Asia, Europe, the Middle East and America. It has prestigious global and local, large and small customers, including such international gas companies as Air Liquide, Air Products, Linde Group, Messer, Taiyo Nippon Sanso, Praxair, Malaysian Oxygen, AIGCO, ROC, EIG, AHG, VJG, NOX, SSB, and engineering companies such as Chiyoda, Mitsui, Snamprogetti, Krupp UHDE, Toyo, Technimont ICB, Technip, Kvaerner Powergas, Bechtel, Exxon Mobil, Chevron-EGTL, Qatar Gas, Ras Gas, L&T.

With all of them, Inox has established a name for its expertise in the entire cryogenic value chain from manufacture, storage and distribution, to transportation of liquefied gases and it is the largest manufacturer of cryogenic liquid storage and transport tanks in India. A major part of Inox's turnover comes from exports of highly advanced and superbly engineered cryogenic systems and as Savir Julka, head of sales and marketing says: $quot;from Inox's flexibility in meeting customer requirements with high level of sensitivity to ensure total customer support and satisfaction.$quot;

Company facts
Inox India's factory is located at Kalol, near Vadodara, in Gujarat, India, where regular and custom-designed cryogenic tanks are manufactured to quality standards with elaborate manufacturing and testing procedures.

Spread over 19,000m2, the workshop, certified for cryogenic product manufacture, is manned by more than 200 engineers and support-staff. With insulation technology from the Taiyo Toyo Sanso Group, Japan, Inox is manufacturing super-insulated cryogenic containers, the latest generation containers. At the same time, Inox places emphasis on in-house research and development, with engineers constantly looking to improve product quality.

The company's products range from commissioned storage tanks to transport tanks of varying sizes, to the innovative gas packs, Mini Cryo and Porta Cryo designed for use in hospitals, laboratories and the automobile and electronic industries. Inox is also a leader in the design, manufacture and supply of cryogenic systems for space research and satellite launch applications.

Major achievements
Inox India offers large SVD (Storage, Vaporization and Distribution) Systems, especially for ASUs in the steel, petrochemicals and processing industries. The typical cryogenic storage capacity ranges between 300m3 and 5000m3. The lower capacity storage tanks are factory-built; the large ones are flat bottom type, site-built on concrete platforms.

In addition, Inox has the capacity to manufacture LIN storage tanks up to 400m3, 30,000 litre semi-trailers, large single-module steam-heated vaporizer and ambient air atmospheric vaporizer, skid-mounted vaporization systems, super-insulated piping modules and remote valve units.

Inox India's strength of shop-fabricated critical components, management of site construction, along with a strong backbone engineering team helps the company complete its projects successfully and on-time.

Future plans
Inox India has already begun construction of a cryogenic tank manufacturing facility in the Special Economic Zone (SEZ) at Kandla port, Gujarat. The facility, expected to commence operations during Q3 2007, will provide a major boost to Inox India's existing production capacity. The Kandla SEZ is the most well-established in India, with excellent infrastructural facilities. By end-2007, Inox India will be better able to serve international clients, with the advantage of a strategic location near the port for smooth transportation and shipping logistics.

1993: Inox India Ltd. established in technical collaboration with Nippon Sanso Corporation to manufacture cryogenic vessels and vacuum insulated tanks.
1995: Obtains ISO 9001 certification
1996: Launch of Liquid Nitrogen containers with super-insulation technology
1998: Expansion of Shop facilities to build larger Tanks; Launch of Vacuum Jacket piping (SIP) 1999: Builds 300m3 capacity tank; launch of semi-trailer range; establishes mass production facility for disposable type refrigerant cylinders; office shifts to modern premises in Vadodara
2000: Receives ASME $quot;U$quot; Stamp Pressure Vessel certification
2003: Awarded Export House status by Director-General of Foreign Trade.
2004: Disposable refrigeration cylinder manufacturing division obtains DOT 39 certification from Dept. of Transport, USA.
2005: Completes second Launch Pad for ISRO
2006: First SVD Systems installed for large ASU projects; PED & CE marking for cold converters
2007: IMO 7 Cryo Tank Container range launched; Expansion of capacity in Kalol Workshop, with new bay dedicated for Transport Tanks; Work begun on new manufacturing unit at Kandla SEZ; OHSAS 18001-1999 certification for Kalol fabrication facility and Vadodara office.