INOX India has crossed yet another historic milestone by commissioning India’s first LNG dispensing station at Dahej in the Bharuch District in Gujaret.

gasworld revealed in September that the company had commissioned India’s first liquid to compressed natural gas (LCNG) dispensing station for Rawmatt in Nagpur, Maharashtra.

INOX comissions India’s first LCNG station

The LNG dispensing station has been commissioned at the Petronet LNG Terminal and will dispense fuel to buses expected to ferry staff from the terminal to Bharuch town, roughly 50km away.

This milestone strongly supports the Government of India’s vision of increasing the use of natural gas in the country’s energy mix enabling the use of safe and environment friendly fuel in different parts of country.

Deepak Acharya, CEO of INOX India, said, “Setting up of India’s first LNG dispensing station is a momentous occasion in the history of INOX India.

“More than a business milestone, the commissioning of India’s first LNG dispensing station for us is like fulfilling our responsibility towards the environment, and society at large.

“We have a vision of commissioning 25 more LNG/LCNG dispensing stations in the coming two years across the country.”

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“I also take this opportunity to thank Petronet LNG, TATA Motors and Petroleum & Explosive Safety Organization for being a part of this milestone.”