Leading cryogenic technology manufacturer, INOXCVA has completed its contribution to the ITER nuclear fusion project based in Cadarache, France.

ITER is a collaboration between seven member countries to demonstrate nuclear fusion as a clean, green source of unlimited energy with the ultimate aim to provide cheaper energy to the world.

Having delivered its contribution to ITER on the 29th July of this year, INOXCVA’s efforts include the manufacturing of Group-Y cryolines and Group-W warmlines for the project. Made in Gujarat, India, the cryolines span a total network length of around 4km and will carry cryogens at 4 K (equal to -269 °C) and at a slightly warmer 80 K (equal to -193 °C).

Such low temperatures are required by the project due to the need to produce and sustain plasmas ten times hotter than the core of the sun. With extreme cold causing embrittlement of conventional materials, the cryolines were constructed from special-grade austenitic stainless steel.

A conference held by INOXCVA during project completion.

A conference held by INOXCVA during project completion.

Source: INOXCVA.

The process pipes of the cryolines posed a challenge to engineers during manufacturing, as the ITER requirements specified a diameter of up to just 700mm. The warmlines span a total network length of around 6km and are designed to carry nitrogen and helium at room temperatures in addition to connecting various pieces of cryogenic equipment.

Speaking about the company’s achievement in manufacturing and supplying the components required for the project, Siddharth Jain, Executive Director, INOXCVA, said, “To be part of a hugely ambitious and futuristic project like ITER is a matter of immense pride for the entire team of INOXCVA.”

Thanking ITER India for showing faith in INOX’s capabilities, he added, “This completion would inspire us to continue to innovate and play out part towards building a greener world economy.”

India’s total contribution to the ITER project includes delivery of 9 in-kind packages, each containing materials and technologies designed to meet the nuclear safety norms of the French regulatory board.

Mentioning that the contract was first awarded to INOX in 2014-2015, U.K. Barush, Project Director, ITER India said that both ITER and INOXCVA have been working closely to make the project a success.