As part of Inpex’s strategy to achieve decarbonisation by 2050, it has received the first carbon-neutral liquefied natural gas (LNG) cargo from its 8.9mn t/yr Ichthys project in Australia.

The vessel, Symphonic Breeze, carried 145,000m3 of LNG to the Naoetsu terminal in Northwest Japan’s Niigata prefecture and marks Inpex’s first offtake of carbon-neutral LNG.

Using carbon credits, the carbon footprint of the shipment was offset with the Ichthus major partner TotalEnergies SE. The credits were used against emissions across the Project’s natural gas supply chain, including upstream production, liquefaction, transportation, regasification, marketing and combustion by customers in Japan.

The carbon credits used meet the Verified Carbon Standard deriving from greenhouse gas reduction efforts at global forest conservation projects, etc.

The carbon-neutral LNG shipment is aligned with the company’s ambitions to achieve its own net zero carbon emissions by 2050, as outlined in its business development strategy. Part of this strategy involves supplying Inpex customers in Japan with carbon neutral gas.

With plans moving ever forward, Inpex signed a deal earlier in the month with gas and water provider Joetsu City Gas and Water Bureau for carbon-neutral city gas.