After the success of last year’s event, the British Compressed Gases Association (BCGA) has announced details of its 2009 Conference as it once again tackles all aspects of safe working practices within the gas industry.

Scheduled to take place on 23rd April at De Vere Staverton Park in Daventry, UK, the BCGA Annual Conference 2009 will cover a range of safety topics that are pertinent to both the gases industry and many of us in our working lives.

A full programme of events has been announced, revealing a number of intriguing and insightful presentations that are sure to appeal to a wide-ranging audience of gas industry professionals.

These include an exploration of Trends in the UK Brewing Industry, Carriage Related Enforcement in the Compressed Gas Industry, Cylinders in Fires, Safety Training needs within the Gases Industry, and an Update on UK Climate Change Policy.

As a pre-cursor to these presentations, a review and update of BCGA publications and Technical Committee reports will be presented throughout the morning and focus on TSC2, TSC3, TSC4, and TSC5.

With just six months now until the event, registration details are available for the conference and can be found at the association’s website,

As is customary for BCGA conferences, the annual dinner will follow in the evening and a golf event is on offer the following day, for those interested in teeing-off and the added networking opportunities this may afford.

Founded in 1901 as the British Acetylene Manufacturer’s Association, the now named BCGA is composed of around 70 member companies and maintains a close rapport with fellow associations, relevant government departments and agencies.