Afrox has revealed that it is currently commissioning a new state-of-the-art specialty gases filling and testing facility and is ready to launch its long-awaited HiQ grades of specialty gases.

As Sub-Saharan Africa’s largest gases company, Afrox provides quality guaranteed, purpose-designed instrument grade gases for use in laboratories and has invested millions of Rand in ensuring that these products are cutting-edge.

In pursuit of this, the Linde Group-owned company is currently commissioning its new state-of-the-art filling and testing facility ahead of its launch of HiQ grade products.

The Afrox range includes carrier gases such as helium, nitrogen, argon and hydrogen, with minimum purity of 99,999%, or N5.0, all of which are analysed and certificated in a high-tech laboratory by experts.

The instruments used range from zirconia cell technology that can detect oxygen at parts per billion levels, to gas chromatographs with pulse discharge helium ionisation technology ¬- very sensitive to impurity detection on pure gases.

Gas calibration standards are made gravimetrically (by mass), which is more accurate than barometric (pressure) measurements. At the new facility, mixtures can now be combined to higher accuracy using the latest mass comparator technology.

World class facility
The state-of-the-art facility has been designed with the environment in mind and all gases released during the process will be captured by a world-class scrubber system.

The scrubber plant was designed with a very high safety factor to prevent any release of untreated gas into the atmosphere, while Afrox is also in a commanding position to freely obtain EPA protocol mixtures from an associate company.

The company notes that all the improvements and additional capacity is aimed at improving customer service levels and quality, as well as keeping up with the growing demands of this fast-moving market.