The cost-effective production of nitrogen for the brewery and winery industry in South Africa and neighbouring countries is set to be made safer and easier, following a breakthrough by Cape Town-based company Intaka Tech.

The Intaka Tech nitrogen generation unit is tailor-made for the brewery and winery industry, cost-effectively generating beverage-grade nitrogen in a safe, reliable and convenient manner.

According to a report by Engineering News, a defining aspect of Intaka Tech’s nitrogen generation unit is the fact that its operation does not entail the use of gas cylinders.

This is thought to be advantageous to its users, as the purchase of cylinders can be expensive and relies on external transport and supply.

The Intaka Tech nitrogen generation unit is also portable and allows nitrogen to be delivered on site, on demand and in the desired quantities, adding to its flexibility.

Intaka Group Chairperson Dr Gastón Savoi explained, “The unit obtains air from the environment, compressing it to the desired pressure, after which the air is treated.”

The nitrogen generation plant is suited to the brewing of beer, as it provides the correct blend of nitrogen and carbon dioxide to draught beer systems. It is also suitable for beverage storage and transport.

Enhancing water purity
It is also during the production and brewing of beer, that the Intaka Tech water purification unit is unconventional.

Water is used for the mixing, underletting, sparging, and blending processes during the production process. The quality and purity of water is vital to guard against entry of bacteria into the wort, with the company’s water purification unit producing water that meets the World Health Organisation guidelines.

Both the nitrogen generation plant and water purification plant are manufactured at Intaka Tech’s leading edge manufacturing facilities in Cape Town.

With its head office in Cape Town, Intaka Tech operates throughout South Africa and its neighbouring countries, committed to growing and entrenching its presence in the continent on an ongoing basis.