Generating $455 million in 2013, up from $212 million in 2003, Malaysia has seen a growth rate of 7.9% over the decade. The economy of Malaysia is mainly driven by exports of minerals, oil, and natural resources.

So what’s in Malaysia? 

The market is dominated by two companies who own around 80% of the market:

Market Share graph


The remaining percentage is made up of familiar companies including Praxair, and Air Liquide.

The marketplace in Malaysia is sophisticated which include a supply of high purity gases for the semiconductor sector, for use in petrochemical industries, chemical as well as electronic industries.



end-user breakdown


The Future?

Going forward, we predict that the metallurgical sector will remain the largest end-user category (by value) for industrial gases for some time to come. The refining and chemical industries, as well as the electronics sector, are likely to remain significant ant and perhaps grown in prominence – though this will depend on how the country’s industrial strategy is implemented.