Praxair, North America’s largest industrial gases manufacturer and largest liquid hydrogen producer, has been awarded NASA’s agency-wide Acquisition of Liquid Hydrogen contract.

Praxair’s hydrogen supply network will serve four NASA sites, including Stennis Space Centre, Mississippi; Kennedy Space Centre, Florida; Marshall Space Flight Centre, Alabama; and Glenn Research Centre, Ohio. NASA projected the maximum value of the five-year contract to be $53m.

Praxair’s hydrogen manufacturing infrastructure and delivery capability satisfies NASA’s stringent standards for product quality and on-time delivery to fulfil the agency’s missions. NASA uses liquid hydrogen as fuel for rocket engine development, testing and launch of spacecraft; delivery of satellites into earth’s orbit; and delivery of payloads to the International Space Station.

Praxair will serve the NASA requirements from three production facilities located in Alabama, Indiana and New York. The company’s Niagara Falls, New York, production facility is preparing to commission an expansion project that enhances Praxair’s capability to fulfil potential mission growth and new applications.