Following the launch of gasworld Business Intelligence’s new US regional dashboards, this month’s country focus examines the industrial gas market of the New England region.

The New England region is home to the second smallest industrial gas market in the US. The region’s industrial gas market generated revenues of approximately $920 million in 2014. This is up from $610 million in 2004, indicating an average annual growth rate of 4.2% for the decade.

There is a fairly small captive market still active in the region, but this is limited to small-to-medium sized oxygen PSAs – supporting waste water treatment processes. Estimated revenues that could be generated through the conversion of these plants to onsite projects, could hypothetically reach $5 million – although it is not likely that this will happen in the foreseeable future.

The region has a comparatively small onsite infrastructure, largely attributable to the lack of large industries in the area. Packaged supply dominates the marketplace in terms of revenues, and is supported by a strong network of cylinder filling plants (see map below). The vast majority of the remainder of revenues are generated through bulk deliveries.



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