BOC Healthcare, a subsidiary of The Linde Group, has launched a range of stackable cylinder storage racks. The launch meets HTM 02-01 specification and promotes sound cylinder management.

The steel racks, with plastic moulded trays are designed to help healthcare providers comply with the cylinder management aspects of HTM 02-01.

The HTM 02-01 guidelines state that, “smaller cylinders should be stored horizontally on metal racks, suitably protected to prevent damage to cylinder paintwork.”

According to BOC, the racks can be stacked up to 10 high, with five small cylinders on each layer, making use of all available space. Thanks to the modular nature of the system, shelf layers can easily be added or removed and, as the height is only 160m, there are no doorway restrictions during installation.

These stackable cylinder racks from BOC, a member of The Linde Group, promote sound cylinder management. By making stock checking and rotation simpler, owners will find it easier, to maintain adequate stock levels. Safer cylinder handling is also facilitated by an organised cylinder store.

In addition to the new stackable racks, BOC Healthcare also supplies cylinder stalls for the vertical storage and segregation of medium- and large-sized cylinders, as well as cylinder holders for wall mounted local storage of small cylinders and trolleys for cylinder transport. BOC offers a store design and installation service, as well as providing appropriate safety signage.