Alpha2.0 is the first commercially available hybrid electric fuel cell bike, designed by Pragma Industries, the innovative supplier of fuel cell test equipment based in Southwestern France.

The 150 W PEM fuel cell and two litre hydrogen (H2) storage integrated inside Alpha2.0 delivers an unrevealed range of 100km on a single charge.

Whereas battery-powered Pedelecs are adversely affected by low temperatures, Alpha2.0 provides constant range and performs in all weather conditions. Equipped with a best-in-class H2 gauge, it accurately indicates the remaining energy to the user.

Compared to conventional electric bikes, Alpha2.0 is refilled with H2 in only two minutes using the H2 Spring filling station, while standard e-bikes can take between 3-4 hours to be fully charged.

The H2 Spring produces H2 from water and electricity, allowing increased mobility efficiency with zero CO2 emissions.

Pragma's Alpha2.0 H2-powered bike

Pragma’s Alpha2.0 H2-powered bike

Source: Pragma