Air Liquide has announced a major investment programme in Texas of €140m to expand the production, storage and pipeline delivery capacity of its Gulf Coast hydrogen system, serving new contract demand and growing the company’s hydrogen business in the important refining market.

The proposed investment will allow Air Liquide to serve new clients by increasing its hydrogen production capacity by 100,000 Nm³ per hour, to reach a total of more than 380,000 Nm³ per hour.

As part of the expansion, the company will add a large hydrogen storage cavern on the Gulf Coast to enhance its flexibility in meeting increasing customer demand for hydrogen, while the pipeline network that currently stretches over 240 miles of the Gulf Coast will be extended by an additional 90 miles from Bayport to southeast Texas.

Pierre Dufour, Air Liquide executive vice president, said, “In the US, where our sales of hydrogen have more than doubled since 2000, we are expanding our hydrogen system with the most efficient and reliable production, storage and delivery infrastructure possible for this crucial molecule.”

Dufour added, “As a worldwide leader in the hydrogen market, we are actively applying our best technologies and expertise to help our world-class refinery and petrochemical customers around the world improve their process efficiencies and meet their environmental responsibilities.”

During the past 3 years Air Liquide has increased the worldwide production capacity of its hydrogen systems by 50% and presently operates 12 hydrogen production units in the US.