KRI, which handles the transmission and distribution of natural gas, has hinted it may be looking to designate up to zł.100m for investments in 2008, which would work towards the construction of LNG infrastructure and gas pipelines in Poland.

The eventual value of the expenditures, or rather the pace of their execution, might depend on commercial terms which will be negotiated with gas suppliers.

Robert Białczyk, KRI management board member and Investments and Development Director, commented, “Over the next few years we are ready for investments of a few hundred million złoty.”

Funds obtained from the shareholders, mainly investment funds, will be designated for constructing LNG infrastructure and gas pipelines, with the firm mainly planning to connect industrial plants outside the scope of Polish Oil and Gas (PGNiG).

Bialczyk said, “Most of LNG is purchased from PGNiG's subsidiary in Odolanów. Some supplies are purchased in cryogenic tanks from Norway. Within 2-3 years we want to double sales. In the future, we plan to substantially boost our scale of operations so as to become a large private gas provider.”