A revised version of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Traceability Protocol for Gaseous Calibration Standards, which describes analytical procedures to follow to assay and certify EPA Protocol Gases, is currently available from the EPA. This guidance document has not yet been cleared for publication as an EPA report – rather it is being made available to members of the specialty gas industry and other interested partiesinside and outside EPA for their review and comment prior to being finalized.

To request a copy of this document and supporting files (which includes spreadsheets with calculations that you are welcome to test using your own data), please contact Bob Wright at the EPA’s Air Pollution Prevention and Control Division:

Email: wright.bob@epa.gov

Phone: 919-541-4502

The deadline for written comments is October 7, 2011

All comments will be reviewed and all willinfluence the final version of the protocol. Comments that are accompanied by technical data will be more influential than unaccompanied comments.Any technical data that you send to EPA will be treated as confidential information that will not be disseminated.