Leading gas detection and volatile organic compound (VOC) analysis company ION Science (ION) has received approval for a new research and development facility at their headquarters in Fowlmere, Cambridgeshire.

The company’s new facility will be equipped with the latest technology to keep up with advancements in gas analysis and detection and product testing. The centre will also feature a sensors research laboratory.

With its continued growth and increased demand in gas analysis devices, ION’s products see interest from industries ranging from oil and gas, chemical pharmaceutical, construction and medical.

ION Science, R&D building concept art.

ION Science, R&D building concept art.

Focusing on sustainability and supporting local ecology, the new facility will utilise sustainable materials, ground source heat pumps, and ecologically designed landscaping, in addition to providing employment opportunities and research opportunities for students.

Expressing delight at the new facility, Duncan Johns, Managing Director, ION Science, commented on the development, saying that with the company’s recent expansion causing it to outgrow the current research facilities, this new opportunity is a great step forward for the company.

He continued, “Being able to collaborate with Gary Johns Architectrs in creating another sustainable, environmentally friendly building was central to our vision, and we’re pleased to be working with them again.”

The new building is to be completed within the next few years.