IONICON Analytik, a trace gas analyser developer, has launched the world’s smallest, commercial high-resolution proton transfer reaction – time-of-flight mass spectrometry (PTR-TOFMS) instrument for volatile organic compound (VOC) monitoring.

For the first time, the Austrian-based business designed the PTR-TOF 4000 with a combination of high-sensitivity with a high mass resolving power in one compact and robust instrument. The PTR-TOF 4000 has been produced for complex samples in time-critical dynamic processes.

Ptr tof 4000 analyser

PTR-TOF 4000 analyser

Source: IONICON Analytik

By utilising IONICON’s new built-in ION-GUIDE multipole technology consisting of a hexapole that channels the ions from the drift tube into the TOF analyser, the device can increase sensitivity and mass resolving power.

The device has already been successfully deployed aboard NASA’s flying research laboratories for measuring air pollution in the atmosphere with IONICON’s CEO Lukas Märk explaining, “We were able to test the PTR-TOF 4000 prototypes under the most demanding conditions and could also benefit from the scientists’ experience when optimising the performance of our novel trace VOC analysers.” 

“We decided to develop the ‘no-compromise’ trace VOC analyser. A high-resolution PTR-TOFMS but small, lightweight, extremely sensitive and also competitively priced,” he added.

IONICON is the world’s leading PTR-MS company, providing ultra-sensitive solutions for real-time trace gas analysis since 1998. This year, IONICON celebrated selling its 300th PTR-MS instrument.