The Institute of Refrigeration (IOR) is seeking the next major advancement in refrigeration with a cash prize for the next J&E Hall International Gold Medal winner.

The internationally respected award recognises outstanding technical achievements in refrigeration and related fields.

The award, which has been sponsored by J&E Hall International consistently for 39 years with a prize award of £5,000 ($6,500), is open to individuals or teams with recent outstanding achievements in four areas defined as:

  • Practical applications of innovative designs
  • Projects which have made an original contribution to the field
  • Systems which demonstrate substantial potential and evidence that they will be completed successfully
  • Outstanding and significant work in a new or unusual areas 

The 2015 award was made to Ian Tansley, CEO of SureChill Company Limited, based on his vaccine refrigerator that operates without the need for a constant power source and uses environmentally-friendly water-based cooling technology.

The presentation for the 2016 award will take place at the 117th IOR Annual Dinner in London, UK on 16th February 2017.