Iran's national oil company could be sourcing technology from Linde, ending a technical hiccup on expertise for liquefaction of natural gas.

Concerns have been raised about Iran's ability to convert natural gas into liquid form so its transportation can become easier.

Iran is due to deliver gas to India by June 2009 but neither Indian or Iranian counterparts currently have the technology while US and European companies do.

However, the threat of sanctions from the US is said to be a deterrent for European and American companies from offering technology to Iran.

India and Iran have entered into a $20-billion LNG deal with National Iranian Gas Export Company exporting the gas to India for 25 years. The Indian partners in the deal are the Indian Oil Corporation and GAIL (India) Ltd.

Exports are due to start at four million tonnes and build up to five million tonnes over the first year of the contract.

It has been reported in the Hindu Business Line that Iran has tied up with Linde.

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