Cryogenic storage vessel manufacturer ISISAN has added a new range of medical oxygen (O2) tanks to its product offering.

The ISISAN Cryogenic Medical LOX tanks, which range in size from 3-60m3 capacities, adhere to the most stringent cleaning regulations for medical gas vessels.

Isisan medical o2 tanks

Source: ISISAN

The Turkish corporation first obtained the relevant medical certificates last year and has since established its tanks in more than 25 hospitals across Iran and Turkey.

The new range is cleaned for medical service according to stringent EN 12300 codes and is designed and manufactured in accordance with the EN 13458 standards and with PED 97/23/CE and 93/24/EEC directives.

As Serdal Kara, Sales and Marketing Manager, explained, “This will open lots of opportunities for our cryogenic storage tank range. Because of these new medical O2 tanks, now we cannot differentiate between manufacturing these medical tanks and our standard cryogenic tank range in our workshop.”

“As a result, our other industrial gas and air separation unit customers will also benefit from ISISAN’s super clean tanks.”