Isısan Isı Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş (ISISAN) has successfully delivered four mammoth vertical liquid carbon dioxide (LCO2) storage tanks to Manchester in the UK from Kayseri in Turkey.

In a journey stretching more than 4,000km, the company delivered the vertical tanks, including basic tank accessories, ladders and platforms, for its customer in the UK where the 300,000 litre capacity containers will be used in an ethanol plant.

The giant foam insulated tanks individually measure 33m in length by 4.4m in width, and each weigh approximately 80 tonnes. ISISAN designed the tanks to minimise product loss, incorporating durable and maintenance-free insulation performance to ensure long holding times with a basic pipework layout to curtail potential leaks. 

Isisan lco2 tank transfer

Source: ISISAN

The design, engineering and manufacturing phase took six months with vessel transportation between the two countries spanning two weeks in total.

A spokesperson from the Turkish corporation stated, “ISISAN supplied the customer with the minimum transportation cost with the optimum design for this type of tank with such huge dimensions and weight.”

Based in Turkey, ISISAN is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of cryogenic storage tanks and cryogenic transport tanks, with more than 65% of ISISAN’s output exported to the world’s largest industrial gas companies in more than 62 countries from multiple production sites worldwide.