ISISAN was born in 1968 and now is member of a group which is active in the field of pipe manufacturing, furniture, machine made carpets, flour mill and animal feed production.

From those formative years when the company operated only in a small workshop producing equipment for central heating systems and non-pressurised tanks, ISISAN has come a long way.

The Turkish company entered the pressure vessel sector in the 1980s and has become one of the larger manufacturers of cryogenic storage & transport tanks with its expansive 50,000 m2 site in the industrial zone of Kayseri, Central Anatolia (Turkey).

ISISAN exports up to 50% of its products to the Middle East, Gulf, Europe, Africa, and the Baltic & CIS countries through ISISAN Gulf in Dubai, ISISAN Germany in Frankfurt and ISISAN Africa in Algiers.

Production range
Catering for its export into a number of diverse markets and regions, ISISAN designs, manufactures and assembles all of its products in accordance with both national and international standards.

To that end the company’s products are certified by international inspection authorities including ASME, TUV, BUREAU VERITAS, TURKISH LLOYD, GERMANICHER LLOYD, LLOYD’S REGISTER.

When you consider the vast array of transport & storage tanks available from ISISAN, it’s easy to understand why its products are chosen in several different countries.

ISISAN produces transport & storage tanks for LNG and LPG applications, cryogenic transport & storage tanks for air gases, carbon dioxide, nitrous oxide and ammonia, and gas tanks for freon, polyol, isocyanates and much more beyond.
Separator tanks and heat exchangers, industrial steam plants and waste heat recovery boilers also fall under the company’s remit.

New lines
Recent developments have seen ISISAN enhance its capability and product offering with the introduction of new IAT and IAV series of cryogenic tanks.

The new IAT series provides transport tanks for atmospheric gases, designed and manufactured for the client’s liquid distribution operations – at a minimal cost. The IAT series of tankers & semi-trailers are designed for road transport with super insulations for long-term storage of extreme cold liquids, with a high quality vacuum level and low evaporation rate.

The transport tanks also offer:
• Low operation costs
• Safety and ease of operation
• Minimal upload time and faster pressurization
• Improved road handling and excellent stability
• Long-term durability and reliability
• High performance safety systems

The new IAV series meanwhile, is a range of vertical cryogenic storage tanks for atmospheric gases, designed and manufactured for all types of cryogenic applications and safety requirements.

IAV series tanks are vertical, stationary pressure vessels with perlite insulations for the long-term storage of extreme cold liquids. Just like their IAT counterparts, these vessels also offer a high quality vacuum level and low evaporation rate, coupled with low operation costs due to added economy.

ISISAN can provide a range of tailor made storage solutions up to 200,000 litres capacity, with bulk tanks designed and conforming to EC directive PED 97/23/CE and EN 13458 or other national pressure vessel codes.