ISO has recently published a guide to enhance understanding of GHG programmes.
The guidance manual, entitled, “GHG schemes addressing climate change – How ISO standards can help” aims to explain the multitude of GHG programmes launched to tackle climate change.

In particular, the brochure hopes to bring clarity by providing an overview of the different schemes as well as the practical role that GHG metrics standards such as 1SO 14064 can play.
The introduction to the manual states, “Vast new business opportunities will emerge to create low-carbon economies that are more energy efficient and profitable. It is time to prepare for this transition and take advantage of the new markets and industries that will shape the global economy in the coming decades.”
The brochure offers a comprehensive range of aids, including:
• Overview of the climate change context including a map of available GHG standards as well as those currently in development.
• Information on how GHG standards, such as ISO 14064, can provide the tools for implementing climate mitigation and adaptation strategies.
• The future of GHG standards and how they can promote a faster up-take of new green technologies and low-emission practices.
• Opportunities to enhance current GHG standards and standards development.
• Proposed changes that would address challenges and help maximise the efficacy of GHG standards in moving the world to a more substantial future.