The installation of important filters for toxic gases at a heavily polluting power station in Israel is still awaiting approval, even though the pollutants can cause potentially complex consequences.

The Orot Rabin facility in Hadera emits a huge 16 tonnes of toxic gas, sulphur dioxide and nitrogen oxide every hour.

Gas filters must be installed in some of the power station’s production units by January 2010, according to stipulations in an updated national master plan. In other units they must be installed by 2013.

Yeruham Lakritz, director of the Hadera Environmental Association, noted that the plans to install the gas filters is being delayed because the local planning and construction committee has not yet approved the scheme.

Installing the filter system would prevent the release of 90% of the toxic gas into the air, however the station already has an electrostatic filter that is useful for trapping physical particles and while this filter reduces the toxic gas emissions, toxic materials still find their way out.