The Italian based company, Vanzetti Engineering, has opened the first liquid to compressed natural gas vehicle station in Italy.
Yesterday, the first facility of its kind in the country was announced as live and open to the public. The Villafalletto based plant was completed by Vanzetti Engineering, offers a capacity of 600 Nm3/h and is set to refuel up to 500 Kg/h.
In a company press statement, Vanzetti remarked, “It is a great achievement... This is a perfect case of ‘all made in Italy’ technology and we are proud to be seen as pioneers. Several tests were made during the past months focusing on the refuelling process and the whole cryogenic system functioning. Such an approach allowed us to confirm that all the key points of strength and solidity of this application are verified.”
Vanzetti was responsible for the design, implementation and will be in command of future refuelling at the facility. Meanwhile, LNG is currently being supplied by Polargas, an affiliated company with Vanzetti. Overall, the works has added to the company’s portfolio of 10 L-CNG stations located throughout Europe.