Italy will now be able to upgrade the capacity of its green hydrogen (H2) filling station pumps from 350 to 700 bar according to an official announcement made by La Gazzetta Ufficiale.

The upgrade was confirmed on Monday the 5th November 2018 under the signature of the Minister of Interior and the Minister of Infrastructures and Work. 

By conforming to the European Union’s standards, the H2 cars will now see their autonomy doubled and the filling process sped up to approximately three minutes.

The new policy does however state that the building of new H2 filling stations will be limited to areas with a low-density population. 

There is currently only one H2 filling station in the country located in the Bolzano region (South Tyrol/Alto Adige), it is hoped that the new decree will boost the development of H2 filling stations all over the country.