DH Industries BV, the Netherlands-based cryogenic solutions provider, has opened the first LNG production facility in Italy with Stirling technology.

The facility, which opened on Thursday 27th September 2018, was initiated and engineered by Hysytech Srl based in Italy. It makes part of the Store and Go project under EU subsidy Horizon 2020. The gas purification and liquefaction unit takes in methane gas produced on site in a methanation unit, purifies it to the required composition and liquefies it to LNG at 2 barg. The LNG will be used as transportation fuel.

The gas purification and liquefaction unit is unique in its kind as it is the first facility in Italy to produce LNG. It is installed in Puglia, in the southern part of the country and is expected to act as a technology demonstration unit. DH Industries and its partner Hysytech are currently in contact with many potential customers who intend to liquefy biomethane or natural gas.

DH Industries has been designing and manufacturing cryogenic gas liquefaction equipment for over sixty years. Hysytech, founded in 2003, is an engineering company specializing in the design, development and industrial implementation of new turn-key process technologies and equipment.