Italy’s Oerlikon, with its Segment Drive Systems, has revealed plans to expand into the South American market with its products, Oerlikon Fairfield and Oerlikon Graziano, and offerings to the industry.

Signalling the expansion, the company has strengthened its presence with the appointment of four new distributors - located in Argentina, Chile, Columbia and Peru. These new locations will be responsible for the company’s drive solutions which serve the agricultural, construction, mining and energy sectors.

“The ongoing investment in infrastructure and labour in South America, and the potential for economic growth, presents an opportunity for us in the region,” says Clem Strimel, Drive Systems Global Head of Sales, Marketing and Program Management.

“Drive Systems Segment commits to providing its customers with leading transmission and drive solutions around the world and it is important that these markets have localised availability of our high-performance products.”

Oerlikon’s Drive Systems Segment products offer long-life performance and increased durability, the range encompasses Wheel Drives for off-highway equipment; Shaft Output Drives for in-plant equipment; Spindle Output Drives for small-diameter wheels used in lift trucks and mowers; and the highly configurable Excel Drives, which offer a broad range of ratios and maximum torque capabilities from 7,000Nm to 18,000Nm.

The new distributors are Central Hydraulico in Argentina, which services the agriculture and construction sectors, has two branches and employs 40 staff; Talleres Lucas in Chile, with four branches and 120 employees, and specialises in mining equipment; Hydraulic House in Columbia operates across the oil and gas, mining and construction industries and has 43 staff; and finally HDI in Peru employs 50 people and concentrates on mining and construction.

The appointment of these new distributors increase the brand Oerlikon Fairfield’s Torque-Hub® final drives presence in South America for industrial and off-highway machinery and Oerlikon Graziano’s presence for Agricultural and Construction market, and are further evidence of the company’s commitment to service emerging markets. The company will ensure that the breadth of its global reach evolves as new production locations emerge in order to maintain the highest levels of supply flexibility for the customers.west