ITM Power, a UK-based clean fuel company, has finalised the sale of a 1.1MW rapid-response PEM electrolyser to Dutch gas transmission network operator EnergyStock, a subsidiary of Gasunie.

The sale was won in a competitive tender process and includes an aftersales support contract.

The electrolyser will be located at EnergyStock’s Zuidwending salt cavern storage facility in northern Netherlands, and the generated hydrogen (H2) will be either used on-site within EnergyStock’s systems, or dispensed into tube trailers for supply to future H2 refuelling stations. Power will be delivered to the equipment via TenneT’s high voltage electricity network. 

Dr. Graham Cooley, ITM Power’s CEO, highlighted, “We are delighted to be working with EnergyStock in the rapidly developing Power-to-Gas energy storage market. Power-to-Gas is the lowest cost long duration energy storage technique known. Power-to-Gas Energy Storage is joined up energy systems thinking – it exploits the virtues of an existing asset (the gas grid) to decarbonise both electricity and gas networks. Using excess renewable power to provide renewable heat combines two problems into one elegant solution.”