London city has gained another publicly accessible hydrogen (H2) refuelling station after ITM Power launched the second one at the Centre of Engineering Manufacturing Excellence (CEME) in Rainham.

The station, which represents ITM Power’s third station deployment, is the first of its kind as it uses solar energy from a solar photovoltaic array at CEME to make renewable H2 onsite.

It is the second of three UK stations to be deployed as part of the pan European HyFive project, mutually funded by the European Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Joint Undertaking (FCHJU) and the UK Government Office of Low Emission Vehicles (OLEV).

Preceding the station opening, a 186-mile Hydrogen Rally took place from a wind H2 station in South Yorkshire to the new solar H2 station in Rainham, demonstrating how excess renewable energy can be used and stored as H2 gas to refuel fuel cell electric vehicles (FCEVs).

”The installation at CEME is another milestone in making hydrogen a truly accessible clean fuel in and around London”

Sue Graham Johnston, Managing Director, BOC UK, Ireland and Africa

Dr Graham Cooley, CEO of UK-based ITM Power, commented, “We are extremely pleased to have launched the second of the company’s HyFive H2 refuelling stations in London providing a link across the city for a range of H2 vehicles now available from the auto OEMs. The H2 rally was a great way of demonstrating the benefits of these vehicles for both longer commutes and throughout the city.”

Sue Graham Johnston, Managing Director of BOC UK, Ireland and Africa, added, “This is the third deployment of our innovative refuelling station technology with ITM Power this year, with the installation at CEME another milestone in making H2 a truly accessible clean fuel in and around London.”


ITM Power opened London’s first publicly accessible H2 station at the National Physical Laboratory in Teddington in May this year as a result of its partnership with the UK’s leading industrial gas company, BOC.

Under the agreement, the member of The Linde Group is contracted to source and install appropriate Linde technology, including H2 compressors and dispensers, at ITM Power’s new H2 refuelling station locations, based on the latter’s electrolyser technology.

It is understood that commissioning teams from both ITM Power and the UK’s leading industrial gas company, BOC, will open a further three electrolyser-based refuelling stations in and around the city of London by the end of this year.