Energy storage specialist ITM Power has announced that Peter Hargreaves, a non-executive director since 2003, will be stepping down from the board with effect from 31st October.

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Source: ITM Power

Commenting on his involvement with ITM Power, Hargreaves (left) said, “I am proud that I have been involved with ITM Power from the time I encouraged the founders to start the Company. As I look back, I honestly feel that ITM Power is now at its most commercially and financially viable since its foundation.”

“During the initial deliberations with the founders in 2001, we had just a concept that Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM) electrolysers and fuel cells would become a major part of the clean energy future. My convictions were such that I provided seed finance for the early days. Today I feel vindicated that ITM Power is a world leader in the manufacture of electrolysers utilising PEM technology. I am sure ITM Power will stay at the forefront of manufacturing equipment for clean hydrogen production. The team in Sheffield is highly regarded throughout the world.”

“My involvement with the company now spans 16 years and I feel it is the right time to reduce my involvement and step down from the board. I would add it is my intention to retain all my shareholding and I welcome the invitation extended to me by the company to keep in regular touch and offer advice.”

“I am pleased I can step down in the knowledge that the company is in good hands and I look forward to hearing of its future success.”

ITM Power Chairman, Professor Roger Putnam, added, “On behalf of his board colleagues, the staff of ITM Power and all of our shareholders, I would like to thank Peter for his help and support over the years. We would not be where we are today without him. All of us would miss his plain speaking contribution to discussions and we look forward to that continuing in the future.”