Plug Power has received delivery of the first Toyota Mirai in the UK and secured a fuel contract to supply the green hydrogen from three London HyFive refuelling stations.

The refuelling stations have a total capacity of 400 kg/day and will form the initial seeding of a UK green hydrogen infrastructure initially centred on London.

The price of hydrogen to all customers from ITM Power’s public refuelling stations will be £10/kg, which is the lowest hydrogen price at any public refuelling station in the UK.

This coincides with the announcement by Toyota today confirming the choice of the UK as an early entry market for its FCEVs. Dr. Graham Cooley, CEO and Prof. Roger Putnam CBE, Chairman of ITM Power received the Toyota Mirai from Dr. Johann Van Zyl, vice president of Toyota EU, at the Toyota (GB) Headquarters in Epsom, Surrey.

Toyota is a direct customer for the fuel since all Toyota Mirai vehicles will be offered by Toyota with free fuel for the first three years.

The UK is among the first wave of national markets in Europe for Mirai, together with Germany and Denmark. Toyota expects 12 to be on the road in the UK before the end of this year, including four vehicles announced by Transport for London last week.

Dr. Van Zyl said, “Mirai and our hydrogen fuel cell technology are important elements in our mission to help create a future zero emissions society. We are proud of the technology we have developed, but if our ambitions for sustainable mobility are to be achieved, our vision needs to be shared by our customers.”

“That is what we are seeing today, with ITM Power embracing Mirai and hydrogen power at the earliest opportunity. We thank them for their support and advocacy.”

Dr. Cooley also commented, “It is an honour for ITM Power to be the first customer in the UK to receive a Toyota Mirai. The Mirai FCEV is, quite simply, the future of transport and we are delighted to be part of that future. We will be working closely with Toyota to ensure that Mirai drivers have the most rewarding driving experience possible.”