ITM Power has announced that, as part of the HyDeploy consortium, it will be supplying a 0.5MW electrolyser to a programme to demonstrate the use of blended hydrogen (H2) in the UK gas grid.

The £6.8 million ($8.5m) project, funded by Ofgem and led by National Grid, is a key enabling project which will establish a framework for H2 gas-grid injection in the UK and open up a new UK Power-to-Gas market.

According to National Grid, “The three-year project will begin in 2017 and the results will be used to inform a further public trial of the use of H2-blended natural gas in the UK grid, with the intention of then rolling out the use of H2 blends nationwide.”

The HyDeploy consortium includes National Grid, Northern Gas Networks, Keele University, The Health and Safety Laboratory (HSL), ITM Power and Progressive Energy. It is supported by gas experts KIWA Gastec and engineering company Otto Simon.

Dr Graham Cooley, CEO, ITM Power, commented, “This award by Ofgem to fund a demonstration of the use of H2 in the gas grid is the first step towards the creation of a UK Power-to-Gas market, which will play an important part in the decarbonisation of the U.K. gas grid. We are delighted to be a contributor to setting out the structure and benefits to the public of this new market.”