The emphasis may be on vehicle power when it comes to working towards a hydrogen economy and infrastructure in the future – but Samsung walking the walk as well as talking the talk, with its creation of a mobile phone battery that’s powered by hydrogen.

The battery, which Samsung reckons will be in phones by 2010, converts the water to hydrogen gas and oxygen when the mobile is switched on, by reacting with metal inside the fuel cell. The company also estimates that users can expect around 10 hours worth of use with the innovative water-cell battery, almost double the life of today’s batteries.

Oh Yong-Soo, Vice President of Samsung Electro-Mechanics’ research centre, explains, “When the handset is turned on, metal and water in the phone react to produce hydrogen gas. The gas is then supplied to the fuel cell where it reacts with oxygen in the air to generate power.”

The downside also lies with usage however, as operation of the phone for around 4 days on average could enforce the need to change the hydrogen cartridge every five days - which could make the concept something of an expensive endeavour.

Samsung believes that it will be able to address this issue though, by ditching the changeable fuel-cells within a few years and needing only to refuel the handset with water.