The Iwatani Corporation has completed another hydrogen (H2) refuelling station in Japan, bringing its total ownership to 16 across the North Pacific rim country.

The new station, located in Kofu, might be the 16th for the Japanese industrial gas company, but it is the first of its kind in the Yamanashi Prefecture.

The new facility, which opened on 23rd February 2016, utilises an offsite supply system of liquefied H2 from Iwatani’s production plant situated in Ichihara-shi of the Chiba Prefecture.

It has a supply capacity of 300Nm3/h, making it capable of fully filling six vehicles per hour, and has a filling pressure of 70 megapascal (Mpa). Its facilities include a hydrogen compressor, which is manufactured by Tier One company Linde AG, a liquefied H2 storage tank, accumulators and dispensers.

In a press release, the company cites intentions for “an advanced fuel cell and H2 society” and expects “many customers, particularly the fuel cell vehicle (FCV) users in the Yamanashi Prefecture,” to use the station.

Iwatani plans to open further H2 refuelling stations in 20 locations throughout the four metropolitan areas of Amagasaki-shi in the Hyogo Prefecture, Kitakyushu-shi in the Fukuoka Prefecture, Minato-ku and Ota-ku in Tokyo, and Kariya-shi in the Aichi Prefecture.

Iwatani refuelling station cropped

Iwatani Corporation