Iwatani has completed the first construction of a commercial hydrogen refuelling station located in Shunan City, of Yamaguchi Prefecture in the Chugoku Area, and is built to serve FC forklifts.

Today the opening ceremony was held to celebrate the completion of the Iwatani Hydrogen Refueling Station in Yamaguchi Shunan, the first hydrogen refueling station in Chugoku area.

Over the years Iwatani Corporation has opened hydrogen refueling stations in Amagasaki City in Hyogo Prefecture, Kitakyushu City in Fukuoka Prefecture, Minato Ward in Tokyo, Toda City in Saitama Prefecture, and Toyoda City in Aichi Prefecture. This new station is the sixth hydrogen refueling station to be opened by Iwatani Corporation.

There are many chemical manufacturers located in the coastal region of Yamaguchi prefecture. Recognising the high potential capacity for supplying hydrogen, Yamaguchi prefecture has initiated various efforts to support the development of pure hydrogen type fuel cells, such as the granting of research and development subsidies, to realise the local production of the hydrogen manufactured by the chemistry manufacturers as a form of energy for local consumption.

As a part of these efforts, Yamaguchi prefecture also consulted Iwatani Corporation about constructing a hydrogen refueling station in Shunan City. Iwatani Corporation has a liquefied hydrogen production plant in Shunan City in Yamaguchi prefecture that produces ‘Yamaguchi liquid hydrogen’ as part of a joint venture with the Tokuyama Corporation.

It was decided to build a refueling station to make good use of the geographical advantage of supplying hydrogen and help support activities conducted in Yamaguchi prefecture.

The station was built on the site of a local wholesale market in Shunan City, and will supply hydrogen to the FC (fuel cell) forklifts that will be tested inside the market. Because FC forklifts are refueled at a pressure of 35MPa, which is half that of FC automobiles, the station will be equipped with both 70MPa and 35MPa dispensers.

It is the first station in Japan capable of refueling both automobiles and forklifts at the same site.

In addition, Shunan City will build pipelines from the hydrogen refueling station to the pure hydrogen type fuel cell that will be installed in the market to cover a portion of its power needs.