Japanese industrial gas business Iwatani Corporation has opened a new business division dedicated to hydrogen (H2) as part of an organisation restructure.

The Hydrogen Division will be established in its Industrial Gases and Machinery Business Group and will undertake integrated management of the company’s H2 stations, related facility projects and business.

Hydrogen refuelling station downtown japan iwatani cropped

Source: Iwatani Corporation

Hydrogen refuelling station in downtown Japan

The business unit will also be responsible for the planning and development of supply systems and corporate profitability.

In a statement, Iwatani said, “The new Hydrogen Division is being established with a view to create a H2 energy society, integrating the company’s H2-related divisions to enable the company to respond more rapidly and with greater efficiency.” 

Iwatani, which holds 60% of the H2 market share in Japan, restructured its organisation on 1st October.