Iwatani International has started to develop a mobile power supply vehicle equipped with a pure-hydrogen fuel cell.

A 10kW pure-hydrogen fuel cell is scheduled to be equipped into the power supply vehicle. A small and light hydrogen supply system will also be developed.

The pure-hydrogen fuel cell has many advantages, such as short start-up time, clean emissions, low noise and vibration. In this respect, great hope is placed on the pure-hydrogen fuel cell for the individually operable distributed power supply.

The mobile power supply vehicle has a variety of applications, such as emergency power supply at a disaster, and the power supply in construction and events.

The utilization of the DC power generated by the fuel cell will also be researched and developed for enhancement of the FC output characteristic with less power conversion loss. The availability of DC input devices will also be verified.

Development of the mobile power supply vehicle is conducted as part of NEDO grant fuel cell utility form expansion grant project, and the mobile power supply vehicle is scheduled to be completed after three years.