Iwatani has opened a new hydrogen (H2) refuelling station in Otsu, Japan, the 12th of its kind for the Japanese industrial gas producer.

The station, which opened on 15th January, utilises an offsite supply system of transporting liquefied H2 by tanks from the Hydro Edge liquefied H2 production plant of Iwatani in Sakai, Osaka.

The company is hoping that the new station will attract fuel cell vehicle (FCV) users in Kyoto and Shiga Prefacture because it is located alongside convenient Route 1, near Kyoto City.

Iwatani already has eleven other plants in four metropolitan areas: Amagasaki City in Hyogo Prefacture, Kitakyushu City in Fukuoka Prefacture, Minato-ku in Tokyo and Toda City in Saitama Prefacture.

The establishment is the first of its kind in the Japanese capital of Shiga Prefacture.