Iwatani’s sales and business scale far exceeded any other Japanese industrial gas company. Sales totalled around ¥50bn in 2017.

Iwatani will continue to grow by supplying China with the gases it needs, the company said. The Chinese business development policy of Iwatani can be summarised into “what the world needs will flourish.” The company is working hard to provide the same services in China as those provided by Iwatani in Japan. 

Iwatani China, an industrial gas company, was established in 1998 and serves as the main centre of the 40 locations of the Iwatani group in China.

Iwatani currently has 40 centres over a wide range of China. Out of the 40 locations, 13 are consolidated subsidiaries. The company currently has 45 resident Japanese employees and 1,073 employees in those consolidated subsidiaries.

The company proposes business strategies, provides capital to the group companies, supplies supervision on safety, maintenance, and engineering, trains employees, effectively applies funding, and provides consultation on financial and legal matters.

The market is being actively developed in three region - East China, South China and Northeast China - for air-separated gases, carbon dioxide, hydrogen and electronics gases, amongst others.

Recently, emphasis has been placed on helium, whose current market share of 13% in China is expected to increase the 15% by the end of this year.

“Business is centred in East China, South China and North East China, but we established Wuhan Iwatani Commercial Trade in 2010 and Xi’an Iwatani Industrial Gases last year for the expressed purpose of developing business inland,” said Takashi Kamekura, General Representative of China.

Many Japanese optical fibre companies have ventured inland into China and new semiconductor plants are going up, raising expectations of even greater growth in the industrial gas market.

Business expansion in China for industrial gases and machinery is being undertaken with the same key concept as in Japan: gases and robots, The Gas Review said.


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