Iwatani Corporation has held an inauguration ceremony for its second liquid hydrogen plant in Japan.

The plant, which was officially opened on July 7, 2009, is the first in eastern Japan.

Together with Hydro-Edge (3000 l/h x 2), which started its operation in April 2006, Iwatani now has two plants, one in the Osaka area and one in the Tokyo area.

The two plants will serve existing and potential customers with a more efficient and stable supply of liquid hydrogen.

The new plant is located in the chemical industrial park in Chiba Prefecture and uses by-product hydrogen produced by the adjacent factory. Liquefaction capacity of the plant is 3000 litres per hour and the product tank can store 300 kilolitres.

Iwatani has been a pioneer for the production and marketing of gaseous and liquid hydrogen in Japan. Not like the North America where delivery and use of liquid hydrogen is very common, use of liquid hydrogen was very limited in Europe or Japan.

With the start-up of the Hydro-Edge in 2006, Iwatani has been successful in changing many users of gaseous hydrogen to use liquid hydrogen for its high purity, large volume transportation and storage resulting in less space at customer site and less frequent delivery.