IWB celebrates the 10th anniversary of the CRYO.TAS., its turnkey solution for the gas industry.

Over the years, CRYO.TAS has been deployed by many global players in the gas industry where it controls and manages their daily distribution of LOX, LIN, LAR, CO2 and H2.

Nowadays, the company offers a benchmark solution in the industry, due to its broad functionality, adaptability and scalability - guaranteeing end-to-end monitoring of all processes with regards to loading and unloading, vehicles and staff. Naturally, fully compliant with pharmaceutical regulations according to GMP and GAMP 4, as well as all the requirements for the validation of medical and food production.

Today, CRYO.TAS was in charge of more than 500.000 loadings across its installed base, guaranteeing smooth and fast operations. Up to 1 million times a truck’s empty and full weight was precisely measured by SCALE.TAS and more than 3 million analyses have been performed to guarantee the highest quality standards and, more importantly, to assure safety to its customers, while improving data-driven decision making and hence, plannability and forecast accuracy.

IWB Managing Director, Wolfgang Bauer, said, “Today, we are proud to serve our customers with a deep commitment to supporting their business needs around the globe. We wish to thank our customers and partners for their continued trust in our automation solutions!”