The Independent Welding Distributors Cooperative (IWDC) in the US is launching a branded line of speciality gases in the US, Canada and Mexico.

IWDC has announced the addition of PurityPlus Speciality Gases and Weldmark Shielding Gases to its existing line of Weldmark equipment and welding supplies.

The company will offer speciality gases through certified speciality gas laboratories which have been audited, installed and/or upgraded under the supervision of AsteRisk, a leading third-party certification company that guarantees quality assurance and product consistency. Weldmark Shielding Gases are available through the network of IWDC member companies throughout North America.

"The implementation of PurityPlus Speciality and Weldmark Shielding Gases greatly expands the capability of independents to supply their own markets\\$quot;”other IWDC member companies and selected independent distributors," said Roger Neu, President and CEO of the IWDC.

"There is much excitement about this ground breaking programme as it is the only one of its kind that allows the independent distributors the opportunity to supply other independent distributors with the full line of speciality and shielding gases."