The Independent Welding Distributors Cooperative’s (IWDC) Product Information Management (PIM) system is now available after a launch webinar on 1st February.

Source: IWDC

Over 80 IWDC members attended the webinar unveiling the Cooperative’s system, which is designed to supply IWDC member companies with enriched product content via a subscription service to support their evolving digital needs.

Those digital needs include e-commerce, digital/print catalogues, member company websites and ERP product structure.

“We delivered our initial product content goal of ~8,400 SKUs across more than two dozen vendors,” IWDC President and CEO Frank Kasnick said.

“We thank our numerous member companies that collaborated with our staff to build out our PIM structure and also thank those members who helped pilot the PIM.”

Chief Information Officer Tina Estes, IWDC Chief Information Officer said, “Our technology partner, Unilog, joined in and helped us demo the PIM, a related Customer Service Representative (CSR) portal and a B2B e-commerce site. Our initial content delivered is just the tip of the iceberg.”

The IWDC, which leverages the strengths of its 139 independent gas and welding distributor members across North America, was able to share next steps with its members who are ready to plug in and receive product content and there was a Q&A session to finish webinar. The IWDC aims to make more progress with its gas product content in 2021.

IWDC Director of Marketing Erica Janas said, “We have a lot more to do in 2021, including rolling out phase one of our gas product content in Q1, and we are very excited to start onboarding our participating members.”