Pat Garten was presented the Memorial Bob Jackson Award at IWDC’s 22 - 25 September Owners’ Meeting in Sarasota, Florida, In recognition for his contributions to IWDC, the Industrial Gas & Welding Industry and surrounding Indianapolis community.

Bob Jackson played an integral part in the formation of the Independent Welding Distributors Cooperative (IWDC). The honour is bestowed annually on a member who has “gone above and beyond” in their support of the organisation. The Bob Jackson is considered the preeminent award of the IWDC. Criteria for the award includes: strong volunteer spirit, supportive of independents, viewed internal and externally as a respected leader, community and family centric.

Sutton-Garten, a fourth generation company headquartered in Indianapolis, Indiana is the oldest continuously owned independent gas & welding distributor in North America.

Pat Garten is President of Sutton-Garten and has been leading his company’s growth for over forty years. During his leadership the company installed a multi-gas cylinder filling station, expanded their welder repair and rental department and established a recognized welding training and certification centre. Sutton-Garten also diversified into bulk liquid carbon dioxide distribution to beverage and industrial customers and production of dry ice for shipping perishables and dry ice blasting applications.