Izumi Ohe

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    Regional markets: Focus on Japan


    Izumi Ohe, Publisher of The Gas Review, discusses the performance of both the Japanese gases business and its key players, during a transitional period for the region.

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    Regional Markets: Focus on Japan


    The Gas Review's Izumi Ohe describes the position that the Japanese gases business currently finds itself in, as well as explaining the recovery effort underway in the country's northeast following the earthquake and tsunami of six months ago.

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    Regional Markets – Focus on North Pacific Rim


    It’s an increasingly busy and dynamic time for business in the North Pacific Rim, with the region’s landscape seemingly changing from month to month. As we traverse the slow and gradual path out of recession, this landscape evolves even further.

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    Regional Markets: Focus on Japan (2009)


    Izumi Ohe provides an insight into the Japanese gases market and discusses business opportunities throughout the global recession for the industrial gas players.

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    Análisis de Japón – Inversiones vigorosas en Electrónica


    Aunque aún acecha un sentido de incertidumbre, en cuanto a lo que depara el futuro en un mundo de precios de materias primas en aumento y una crisis crediticia.

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    Focus on Japan


    An upswing in the Japanese economy and re-structuring boosts major gas company performance