Japan Air Gases (JAG) has launched a new effective products delivery programme, aimed at reducing road mileage and in turn, CO2 emissions.

Entitled Japan Air Gases E’s, the new programme will see delivery of liquid gas products revolutionised and tank lorries mileage reduced.

It’s thought that CO2 emissions by JAG’s logistics will therefore also be reduced, by up to 20%.

JAG E’s will be implemented with enhanced responsiveness in the delivery scheduling operations together with a pro-active and intelligent transport system.

JAG has reinforced its centralised delivery scheduling system at the Amagasaki site, with the establishment of a 24-hour monitoring centre. The site will also use a new telemetry system, to be easily installed to the customer’s gas storage tank and send gas volume & pressure information to the JAG 24-hour centre.

When the gas level reaches a pre-set level, the system automatically informs the 24-hour centre and this is relayed to a JAG National Scheduling Centre – where gas delivery transport is centrally coordinated using sophisticated computer models and years of experience JAG staff.