Jan Vansant, Independant Consultant - Cold Jet

Jan Vansant graduated in 1980 from the KU Leuven as PhD in organic and polymer chemistry. He worked from 1980 till 1996 for RAYCHEM Corp as product developer and innovation manager. His main goal was to develop innovative application in the telecom outside plant market and for pipeline corrosion protection applications based on heat-shrinkable thermoplastic products combined with high-tech sealants.

From 1996 till the end of 2012, Jan worked as their general manager ACP SA (Acide Carbonique Pur) from a local Belgian CO2 producer to a leading European CO2 player commercializing over 350.000 tons per year of pure CO2. He then became the active division leader of the European RUCADI project (lead by Prof Aresta from Bari University).

Since the beginning of 2013, Jan has been active as independent consultant to different market players including Cold Jet LLC, world leader in manufacturing dry ice production and dry ice blasting equipment. Active as a board member in several companies including Cold Jet and ECCO Finishing SA in Sweden.


MENA Industrial Gas Conference 2015

Day 2, Session 3 – Growth Drivers for Merchant Markets

10:50 - Merchant CO2 Applications